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Take a journey with Ingrid the penguin as she ventures from her home in Antarctica to chase a dream. On the advice of some seriously lost pigeons, Ingrid sets out to find a mythic place where it’s said a penguin can learn to fly. Along the way, we meet some surprising and colorful characters, making this a truly engaging tale that spans the globe. The mystery of Ingrid’s destination holds the answers as this determined young adventurer is on the verge of a discovery that could rock the penguin world.




How it All Started

In the last few years, Scott would make up stories to tell his son Aksel when putting him to bed. Laying on the floor next to Aksel's bed in the dark he would come up with wide ranging tales spontaneously in a stream of conscious ramble that didn't always make sense. Many times they would both fall asleep in the middle of a story and would have to figure out where they left off the next night at bedtime. This is one of those stories.

Then with the extra time in the lockdown of 2020 (after building a guitar and re-organizing the furniture) it seemed like this story, which was a favorite and actually made some sense, might merit being written down. By this time Aksel had a new sister, Ingrid and our protagonist Penguin needed a name. 

A big thank you to Peter Trimarco at Notable Kids Publishing for taking a chance and agreeing to publish it. And also a huge thank you to Christine Anderson is in order for bringing it alive with the beautiful illustrations.

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An adorable story that made me feel like a child again with its cute and funny choice of language, like "penguin traffic" and "Ms. Penguin Lady" … entertaining, motivational, and educational, A Penguin's Quest is highly recommended for your children. It's easy to love this endearing picture book!

Engaging, with deft characterization and low-key humor … there is just enough impossibility to keep the reader’s disbelief suspended … rich in interest, information, and life lessons, leavened with wonder…the second-best thing about this book is the fine balance of its elements. The best thing about it is the ending. I recommend to anyone who knows a curious child – or just likes penguins and enjoys a good story.

McDermott’s engaging story features commendable instances of following a passion, learning from new friends, and embracing rewarding challenges. Ingrid’s pursuit will motivate youngsters to consider their own aspirations. Readers will enjoy following along on Ingrid’s adventure, which is filled with amusing details like rats and pigeons who speak with New York accents. A beautifully illustrated and appealing animal tale that underscores defying odds and helping others.

Readers Favorite
5 Stars

Readers Favorite

5 Stars

Kirkus Reviews


About Scott

Scott grew up in Switzerland, backpacked through the American West, and trekked the Himalayas before spending the last 25 years as a commercial photographer and filmmaker in New York City. He has photographed many of the most influential figures in Hollywood, the music industry, business and government, along with directing a feature film and many commercials. Scott recently started writing children’s fiction, inspired by the stories he made up to tell his own children. He is also learning to play bass guitar, primarily to back up his son on lead guitar.

About christine

Christine is a senior level illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She received a BFA in Graphic Design/ Illustration from Drake University and has worked in commercial design for over twenty years. Though she had a successful career as a muralist and furniture designer, she longed for her drawing board. She decided to refocus and get back to her true love, illustrating, with children’s books being part of her journey. To Christine, art is a creative process that is ever changing, growing, and without end.

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